Commercial property management Services

Our goal is to maximize value in your commercial real estate by managing financials, tenants, vendor, and forecasting future needs of the property.

The founders of our company all own commercial real estate in the Colorado Springs area, and understand the needs and investment goals of owning commercial real estate. We aim to offer exceptional service and financial acumen to allow owners to rest assured their property is being handled by seasoned professionals. Below are some of the core commercial property services our company offers to maximize value in your property.

Emergency/Crisis Response

  • 24/7 availability to respond and mobilize

Tenant Management Services

  • Rent Collection
  • Communication with space issues, needs, etc.
  • Regular communication with tenants regarding new, or on-going issues.
  • Regular communication with leasing brokers.
  • Move-in/Move-out management.
  • Eviction Management

Strategic Planning

  • Creation and updating of a 10 year investment plan, taking into consideration the physical, capital, and market conditions, to match the owner’s investment goals

Payment Collection Tracking

  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Statements
  • Delinquency Reporting
  • Late Fees

Property maintenance

  • Vendor selection and biding for internal and external maintenance.
  • We oversee Vendors to make sure they are on budget and on schedule.
  • We watch for deferred maintenance and take action if needed
  • We monitor roof, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing conditions.
  • We select, schedule, and monitor janitorial and trash services.
  • Monitor lighting, irrigation, and landscaping conditions.
  • We select and monitor snow removal vendors.
  • Assistance with Fire, Life, and Safety tests.

Construction Management

  • We effectively manage the project’s schedule, cost, quality, scope and function.
  • We help in the hiring process for the right general contractor
  • We track lien waivers, payment distribution to vendors, and keep the project in budget.

Financial Recording & Accounting

  • Expense/CAM Budgeting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income and Expense Reports
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Variance Reports
  • Rent Roll
  • Statement of Cash Flow

frequently asked questions

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Property Manager?

HJR determines the cost based on the asset type, services required and monthly income. We charge a minimum of $500 per month or 3-5% of the buildings gross income (whichever is higher).

Can you manage my property?

HJR is happy to meet with you and learn more about your commercial asset. We do not manage single family homes but do manage most types of commercial assets.

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Property Manager?

Our goal is to maximize your commercial building’s return while making it hands free. In most cases, we can make it more efficient for the building owner and increase the building’s profit.

What type of financial reporting do you offer?

Our Owners financial reporting package has a monthly property overview, Statement of Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Rent Roll, Aging Report, AP Expense Distribution, AP Voucher Report, Bank Statement and Cash Journal. Once approved budgets are in place Variance reports will be added to this package.



Can you help me oversee rent collection and physical plant maintenance?

HJR is a full-service property management company to include monthly rent collection making sure your building is professionally maintained.

Do I have to live in the State of Colorado to hire HJR?

The only requirement is your commercial building is located in the state of Colorado! Many of our building owners live in other areas of the United States!


Maximize Your Property

Make your property work smarter for your portfolio with expert Colorado Springs rental property management services.